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Design Your Magnificent Life:

This intensive program is a year-long program, with several face-to-face intensive sessions throughout the year. We will work through an 8-step process to Design a Magnificent Life™—the life of your dreams–in all areas of your life (career, relationships, family, physical environment, health, leisure, self growth and spirituality—and any others you can think of).

We’ll do a complete survey and assessment of your life, identifying the work to be done and the best place to start. You’ll learn about yourself—your values, your needs, the unique ways you approach the world, your passions, your gifts, your talents, your purpose, your strengths, your weaknesses—all so that you can utilize your strengths to build the life you want to create. You’ll get rid of mental, emotional and physical clutter so that you can be clear to enjoy what you are creating. You’ll create the blueprint for your Magnificent Life, and begin to fol
low that plan, making adjustments along with way with the support of Linda Pucci, Ph.D. a highly experienced life change expert. You will get unlimited support in making this process work for you—Linda will be available for you whenever you need her to be, even every day, if necessary. We will take however many hours are necessary to help you reach your goals.

This type of intensive program is appropriate when:
  • You want your life to be MAGNIFICENT in every area
  • You like to have plenty of support handy whenever you need it
  • You want a step-by-step process for reaching your goals and dreams
  • You want to make absolutely sure that you have the resources available for reaching your goals