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Workshops with Horses

Workshops with Horses

Youth Groups

Discover Your Horse Sense

Character building for teens. Let horses teach you about respect for yourself and others; values; integrity. A 3-hour, two session (total 6 hours) workshop with horses for youth groups. Appropriate for church youth groups, home-school groups. Can be adapted into other time formats. Minimum 6 people.

Discovering Myself: Learning Through Horses

Horses will help you learn about self-respect, integrity and values; knowing your strengths and weaknesses; and overcoming obstacles. A 4 session workshop with horses to build a teen’s self-concept. Appropriate for church youth groups, individual youth. Can be adapted to other time formats. 4 sessions. Each session is 1 hour. Minimum 6 people.

Mastering Myself: Developing Self Esteem and Self Management for At Risk Groups
Program with teens and horses to prevent truancy/drop outs; improve self-esteem; learn boundaries; manage emotions; learn cooperation and social skills. For alternative schools, juvenile court. A 2-hour, 4 session program (8 hours total). Groups: minimum 6 people, maximum 12. Individual sessions also available.

Women’s Groups

Pegasus Soars: A Transformational Workshop with Horses for Women Facing Change
An intense 4 day experience for women in transition. Get to know yourself and how to move beyond the obstacles that block you. Activities with horses plus much, much more! Minimum 6, maximum 12.

Discover Your Passion: Let Horses Show You How

Uncover your passion and purpose by playing games with horses in this 1 ½ day workshop. Perfect for women’s groups, book clubs, recovery groups and others. Minimum 6, maximum 15.

Discover Yourself with Horses
Take a journey of self-discovery through activities with horses that will teach you, challenge you and give you “aha” experiences as you discover the person you are deep inside.

Family Groups

Discover Your Inner Mare: A Workshop for Mothers and Daughters
Let horses show you how to understand each other and communicate differently. A ½ day workshop for mother and middle school aged daughters. (Can also be adapted to mothers and daughters of other ages). Minimum 6 people; maximum 14.

Business Groups

Take the Reins in Your Business
A day-long workshop for business owners and entrepreneurs. Identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business; develop your own unique strategy to overcome obstacles; set achievable goals. Minimum 6 people; maximum 12.

Business Coaching (individual or group)

Identify obstacles and develop strategies for overcoming them by working one on one with horses in equine experiential coaching. Specific activities will be created to target your biggest issues.

Corporate Training (group)

We will develop a unique training experience for your company or team through an initial assessment, experiential corporate training with horses, and creation of an action plan to implement changes identified through the training.