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Beware the Most Toxic-Money Belief–I Can’t Afford It

By Linda S. Pucci, Ph.D.

Want to stop your financial progress in its track? Start believing the most toxic and limiting “money belief”—”I can’t afford it.” There are two things happen when you adopt this belief.

First, you begin to develop a belief of scarcity.  When you say "I can't afford it," you are saying that there isn't enough of something.  While you might not have the resources available at the moment, that is just a temporary situation.

When you say "I can't afford it," you are slamming the door shut. You are forming a belief which may end up having serious consequences for your financial well-being down the line. Because of how your brain works with the words you say to it, you are giving yourself the suggestion that you not only can't afford it now, but you won=t be able to afford it at a future time either. While that probably is not what you mean, it is what you assume unconsciously.

People who have difficulty with money or obtaining the resources they need (money, time or energy), often have a belief that there is not enough and won't be enough. That is a belief that is usually not very helpful. The truth is that the universe is quite abundant. You are better able to attract some of that abundance if you believe it is possible for YOU to attain some of it.

The second thing that happens is an issue of value. When you say “I can’t afford it,” you doubt its value for you or your value to have this product or service. When you say "I can't afford it," sometimes you are saying “I don’t deserve it.”

If it isn’t valuable for you, it really isn’t an issue of not being able to afford it; the issue is that it isn’t something that is valuable, needed or wanted. When you say “I can’t afford it,” and mean “I don’t deserve to have this,” you are putting limits on your own value, and this will definitely limit your success.

Ultimately, you have a CHOICE to make—a choice about the value of the item or service to you. Is it valuable enough for you to spend your resources on? It isn’t an issue about what you can afford or what you cannot.  It is really whether you choose to spend your resources on the item or service you are considering.  Let its value guide you, not your limiting belief that you can’t afford it.

© 2012 Linda S. Pucci, Ph.D.

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