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How do I know if I need help?

Is there some area of your life that isn’t working very well? Are you troubled by emotions from past experiences in your life, such as sadness, anger, hurt, fear, guilt or anxiety? Do you have limiting beliefs that stop you, like “I can’t…,” or “I’m not good
           enough,” or “I’m not loveable?” Do you feel stuck? Disappointed in your progress? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these
           questions, you probably need some help getting rid of whatever obstacles are blocking you from moving forward.

How will I know whether I need psychotherapy or coaching?

The easiest way is to contact me and we can discuss your situation, and figure out what approach is needed. In general, psychotherapy focuses on helping you return to a former level of functioning, and helps you work through issues from the past.
           Coaching helps you move forward and excel in what you do; there’s nothing that needs to be “fixed,” only helping you get
           reconnect with what you already know how to do. Please note: I no longer do psychotherapy. If that is what you need, however,
           I’ll help you find someone who can work with your problems. For more information about the differences between coaching and
           psychotherapy or counseling, click here.

Can I use insurance?

No, sorry. Insurance can only be used for psychotherapy, and cannot be used for coaching. You see, in order to use your health insurance, you have to be “sick,” and generally, the services have to be “medically necessary.”

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Unless you need a very specific time, such as a specific hour on a specific day, I can usually get you in within a week. I believe that when you are ready to work on things, you need to take advantage of that motivation. I try to schedule my time so that I can
           respond well to people’s needs, and see you in a timely manner.

Why should I hire YOU?

Great question! I’ve had almost 35 years of experience helping people create the kind of life they have envisioned. Sometimes that has involved changing careers, starting a new life, or ending an old one. My years of training in psychology gives me the
           advantage of knowing lots of ways to help you unhook from patterns that aren’t working well for you. I’ve received specialty
           training in several techniques that allow us to work through your issues quickly and relatively easily. In short, I have tools that
           other coaches may not have. In addition, my goal is to teach YOU those tools, so that you are not dependent upon me.

How long does this take?

It depends upon you and the specific goals that you set. I’m committed to helping you resolve whatever it is you want to resolve in the shortest time possible. You have to be motivated to do the work, and committed to your outcome. Although I like the
           people I work with, there really is no need for us all to grow old together.

Why would an intensive session be better for me than meeting with you regularly?

Intensive sessions encourage you to get down to work, and you don’t have the starting and stopping that is typical of other
         approaches where you meet regularly for an hour, then start all over again at the next meeting. I find when we work intensively,
         we can more easily build on the steps that have come before, and thus your results more quickly. Intensive sessions are not for
         everyone, so I encourage you to call me at 865-983-7544 and talk to me about whether they would be a good fit for you.

Will you accept my spiritual/religious beliefs?

Absolutely! I believe that your religious and spiritual beliefs are extremely important in your life. Your values are an important part of who you are, and I have the highest respect for that. In fact, I find that if you act in a way that is really congruent (in tune)
           with your values and beliefs, your life becomes much less complicated and difficult. Our spiritual beliefs often provide us with
           support, purpose and direction. I think our spiritual beliefs are some of the most important resources we have. I will work with
           you, always within your own beliefs and values, to help you bring about the changes you want for yourself. If you currently feel out
           of touch with your spiritual beliefs, I’m happy to help you reconnect with beliefs that fit you.

What if I need to talk to you in between our scheduled sessions?

That’s just fine. I’m available by email in between sessions, or you can feel free to call if you have something urgent that you need or want to discuss. I’m genuinely interested in what is going on with my clients, and I don’t stop thinking about you just
           because we don’t have an appointment right away. In fact, I sometimes like to make email contact with my clients just to
           check in.

What if I don’t live in the U.S.?

My clients who live outside the U.S. generally communicate with me through SKYPE. That way we can see each other, and talk as if you are right here in my office.

What if money is tight?

I understand that money can be a challenge, especially right now. I have found that clients are most motivated for change when they are paying for their results. I generally ask you to pay for your services right after we meet. I do offer payment plans for my
           more expensive programs, such as Intensives. And, to help you make things more convenient for you, I take Mastercard, and
           Visa to help you space out your payments in a way that makes sense for you. Talk to me about your situation, and I can help
           often help you find resources that fit your budget.