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Many people are used to hearing about athletic coaches or Olympic coaches. But you may not be familiar with Life Coaches.

A Life Coach is a professional who works with individuals or businesses to achieve the kind of life or business they want to have.

A coach, no matter what kind, works with clients to DEFINE GOALS and determine ways to reach them. In athletics, goals typically have to do with athletic performance. In LIFE COACHING, goals may have to do with any or all of the areas of a person’s life–career, health, relationships, leisure, spirituality, or environment.

Typically, clients want to make CHANGES in their lives. A coach helps you voice your own dreams, if you haven’t already, and find ways to attain those dreams.

A coach works with clients to access RESOURCES so that you will be able to achieve the goals you have set. Coaching encourages you to TAKE ACTION to move forward toward your goals.

Being ACCOUNTABLE for one’s commitment to take action is often the necessary motivator for sticking with a plan for change.

As you take action–even small steps–you will develop the momentum necessary to carry you toward your goals. Change begins to happen in response to the process of taking action and accessing resources which enhance GROWTH and LEARNING.

The coach is like a guide, assisting you in taking the journey toward your dreams. A coach can offer ideas and clarify the sights to be seen on any particular journey, but with the support, clarity and encouragement of a coach, YOU make the choices and actually take the trip.

Life coaching allows you to pursue YOUR goals with the SUPPORT of someone who is totally FOCUSED on you and your success.

Coaching can be provided one-to-one in person or by phone.